Get Your Boyfriend Back if He’s Moved in with Someone Else

Get Your Boyfriend Back if He’s Moved in with Someone Else

You want to get your boyfriend back but there’s just one problem: he moved in with someone else!  You’ve been communicating again and he’s even suggesting that you meet up.  Then he drops the bomb and tells you he with in with another girl.

But now you’re confused because you want to get your boyfriend back and based on his text messages, it seems like he misses you and wants to be with you.  He even let it slip that he doesn’t think his relationship with this new girl will last but since she keeps him in a tight leash there are times when he would tell you to stop texting.  But he still contacts you sometimes then there will be those times when he would say “he’s busy.”

So how do you get him back if it seems he’s just as confused as you?


This is where the No Contact rule comes in.  Based on your situation, he doesn’t have any trouble in contacting you when he wants to.  Right now, though, perhaps it’s best if you don’t initiate the contact.  You’re only going to end up confused and hurt if he keeps saying “I’m busy.”

Your man needs to sort things out because he’s torn.  He may want you back and it’s obvious that he misses you.  Some of your conversations are even intimate and he still contacts you even if he’s moved in with another girl.

So why the hell hasn’t he left this girl yet?

As mentioned, he’s feeling torn.  He may not be looking for anything long term with this girl but at the same time, it’s not easy breaking up with someone.  It’s also possible that he’s not over the breakup with you and is unsure if now is the right time to get back together with you.

Probably not since you’re both still healing.  But right now, he’s also feeling lonely and wants something that’s constant so he wouldn’t have to deal with the loneliness.  In other words, the reason why he’s living with her is because of companionship.  When he gets home, she’s there and he can spend time with her when he wants to.  Even if he’s not really into her, she’s there to fill the void of loneliness.

Breakups can do that to you and a lot of people go through this.  When the reality of being alone sinks in, you try to find someone else who can fill in that empty space so that you can forget – or fool yourself – that you’re lonely.

This other girl is now his safety net and right now, he’s tangled up in this net but sooner or later he’s going to have to make a decision.  He can only fool himself or put up with this for so long.

If he really loves you, he’ll come to you

It’s hard to focus and work on yourself when you know that your ex still has feelings for you.  But it’s what you have to do if you want him to make the right decision and choose you.  You need to work hard on becoming the best woman that you always wanted to be because when he sees how great you’ve been doing, then it’s like the decision has been made.  You’re going to get your boyfriend back because he made the choice and it’s you he really wanted.

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