3 Things Heartbroken Women Need to STOP Doing

get your ex boyfriend back

get your ex boyfriend backAre you trying to get your ex boyfriend back?  It’s painful when a relationship ends and it’s even worse if you were the one that was left behind.  Your confidence took a beating and you feel rejected.  Sometimes, you couldn’t take it and you just want to understand what happened to the perfect relationship you thought you had.

What do you do?  You call him and talk to him until his ears bleed.  You send him text messages hoping he would reply.  You tried begging for his forgiveness and asking him to come back to you.  You try to bump into him and go to his favorite hangouts hoping to get a glimpse of him.  But what you don’t realize is that these are the things that would NOT get your ex boyfriend back.

Here’s why:

Calling him again and again is a common mistake

Constant contact with your ex and breaking the no contact rule early in the breakup is a big mistake.  Emotions are still high and raw and if you keep calling him then you’re giving him another reason to be angry at you.  If you had a friend who hurt you or betrayed you, you wouldn’t want to talk to her immediately.  You would want her to stay away for a while because you can’t stand talking to her just yet.

Well, the same thing happens in a breakup.  Your ex is feeling hurt or betrayed by you or is still angry and maybe even sad and depressed.  In other words, he just wants to be left alone so that he can calm down and think rationally.  And that’s exactly what you should be doing as well.  Any contact from you this early in the breakup would only annoy him or make him scoff at the idea that you can’t leave him alone for five-freaking-minutes!

Begging for his forgiveness is just pathetic

Yes, it’s important to apologize to your ex and make him understand how sorry you really are.  But begging for his forgiveness?  Practically getting on your knees and trying to convince him to come back to you and put this all behind?  That’s not really going to work and you will only end up looking pathetic and desperate.

Would you beg a friend to come back to you and force her to stay?  Of course not, because you know that that would only make things worse and you’ll end up looking like a loser.  You would apologize to her, explain things calmly, tell her that you understand her feelings then step back.  Again, that’s exactly what you should do with your ex.  Step back when you apologized because if your bond is strong and he really loves you then he WILL come back to you.

Creepy stalker equals loser

You keep popping up at his favorite hangouts trying to bump into him “accidentally” or trying to get him to talk to you.  There was a time or two he even saw you waiting for him after work.  You know in those movies when the ex stalks the other and it just looks plain creepy?  Well, that’s how he sees you now.

When he said he needed space, it doesn’t end with phone calls and text messages.  You literally have to stay away from him for now.  He’s not going to miss you if he’s too busy being annoyed or trying to get away from you.  If you become a stalker then you’re going to be labeled as a loser ex girlfriend!

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back then you need to learn how to get over this breakup.  It’s not easy at first but in time it will get better.  If you keep thinking how much you miss him and how much you want to talk to him then you will only end up making these common mistakes and thus ruining your chances altogether.

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